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Nicole Leal

Professional Makeup Artist


Before & After
Annmarie had serious 
facial skin redness
Annmarie After treatment

Michelle had discoloration around her eyes

Michelle After treatment

Lisa had discoloration 
around her forehead,
eyes and nose

Lisa After treatment

Makeup Blues!
Bad Makeup Day?.
Important Event...
Skin Discoloration!
Makeup Emergency.
No Problem
Contact Nicole
Your local 
Professional Makeup Artist Needs 100 Faces! .

(714) 812-6031

  • I do Bridal Makeup, Prom night makeup
  • Makeup for Business cards, flyers, and modeling 
  • Wedding day makeup
  • "Providing  Bridal Indulge Pampering Sessions"  before and after the big day!
    • .
  • $50 per person: Pre-wedding Consultation. 
  • $150 for the Bride, $50 for the bridesmaids, and Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom
    • .
About The Artist: Artist's Comments:
  • I love working with people because I get that immediate great response.
  • I love having women smile about their appearance as image is everything in business. 
  • Its not about the product, its about the difference I make after pampering a woman's face.
  • Makeup is my passion. It is fun, and never seems like hard work. 
  • Every client is special and I treasure my friendship with every new face I meet. 

 Nicole's Makeup Tips
  1. Must start with a clean face.

  2. ..
  3. Applying concealer should be lighter than your foundation color. My foundations are non-transferrable after setting for 10 min.  My foundations are a favorite of Oprah Winfreys.  The makeup line that I use has been featured on several magazine covers such as "Ladies Home Journal" for January 2007 featuring Kirstie Allie on the cover.

  4. .
  5. What you should know about wearing spf protection under the foundation is that it will show up in a photograph with a flash where your face will look lighter than usual. 

  6. .
  7. Blending is key with concealers and foundations.  I prefer to use a foundation brush on a client and thats where I get the best look is by blending with a brush. 

  8. .
  9. When applying color, I choose cheek colors and eye colors that go with your skin tone, eye color, and hair color. For Blondes I like to play with cool colors like pinks, blues, and violets. With Brunettes, I like golds, berries, just about anything other than blues. For Red Heads I prefer golds, violets, and greens. I have a great bridal look I like to wear daily and would love to share it with you!

My Color Tips

For Blondes I like to play with cool colors like pinks, blues, and violets. With Brunettes, I like golds, berries, just about anything other than blues.  For Red Heads I prefer golds, violets, and greens. 

Correct And Incorrect Way
To Apply Makeup

Tips for Teens:
I've seen many teen girls wear dark black eyeliner and its applied too heavy. Too dark is too much! The incorrect way is making it too dark and scary with a charcoal pencil and thickening it around the eyes.  The correct way is to apply the liner just on the outskirts of the outer eye and not around the whole eye.
If you watch the news or you've seen people on tv, their eye makeup looks hot! They look alert and perfect. They used a technique that only shows the eyeliner on the outer eye where the eye shadows go in an upward direction, not down. Applying a shimmer in the inner corner of the eye always adds the perfect touch! 
Tips for Brides: 
Soft and Classic is better. Don't do dark eyes. 
A "Princess fairy tale" look, makes the beautiful bride look like Cinderella. Its best to bring out your best features by applying light eye shadow colors.


Pearl Dental Care, Irvine, CA performs cosmetic and restorative dentistry, endodontics, implantology, periodontics and prosthetics. We offer a full suite of dental services utilizing the most 
up to date procedures and equipment in dental technology. 
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Free Exam, X-rays & 
Consultation ($170 value)

Screening For 
Oral Cancer

  How much do you know
about  Oral Cancer?
u One American dies of 
oral cancer every hour.
u Treatment of oral cancer is 90%successful when the cancer is detected early.
u Time to take the screening test for oral cancer is now, because later, is TOO LATE!



Principal Dentist
Dr. Ismail El Sherif 
D.D.S, B.D.S., MSc., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 
at Loma Linda University

Dr. Elsherif believes in applying the highest protocols of dentistry in a non-painful and gentle manner, 
and by always placing the welfare 
of his patients first.

Dr. Elsherif developed a reputation 
as a master clinician in one of the areas most highly regarded Dentists.



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